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Let me tell you a story.

A story involving two brothers…

Joel, an Emergency Room Nurse, and Jacob, a Pharmacist.

Both noticed, through thousands of patient encounters, that there were more options for medical practitioners than ever, greater access to medical care for everyone, astounding new technologies in the health field…

But still…

Patients with mental health needs were experiencing major problems.

These patients were being under-served in a big way.

Patients with mental health needs—ranging from anxiety and depression to bipolar, schizophrenia and ADHD—were being mismanaged with:

These patients were successful CEOs, mothers on the PTA, high school and college students, and everyday people who simply could not find adequate treatment for mental health issues they were facing, large or small.

They all experienced the same difficulties when starting with psychiatric practitioners.

Why was this the case?

Why has this field of mental health not caught up to its counterparts?

Jacob and Joel set out to understand why - and improve these inadequacies.

Joel, already an accomplished Emergency Room Nurse, spent three years becoming a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, and four more years honing his expertise in the art and science of psychiatry—learning functional and integrative psychiatric approaches and participating in inpatient and outpatient clinics—treating everything from complex cases to the everyday mental health issues that affect so many of us.

Jacob, the Pharmacist, delved into the world of psychiatry and studied drug interactions, optimal medication management, and evaluated the latest clinical trials examining the effectiveness of each medication, as well as side effects—and how to manage and mitigate them. He became a consultant for psychiatric practitioners on cases ranging from the mundane to the elaborate, involving multiple disorders and co-morbidities.

We started our psychiatric group with a different perspective. Our one goal:

Improve psychiatric care for our everyday patients being under-served by this broken system.

Whether you’re visiting a psychiatric practitioner for the first time, or you’ve gone to other practitioners before, searching for a provider is a challenge no one should face alone.

And so…

We’ve created a system based on our experience with thousands of patients to provide a service that takes the stress out of getting the care you need:

After all, putting your trust in a psychiatric practitioner is no small thing.

You may be trusting them to lead you out of a very dark place.

Or perhaps you want someone to simply guide you through a short period of your life, getting you unstuck from a mental rut you’re currently experiencing.

It’s no small matter to lay yourself bare and be vulnerable.

That’s why we developed our practice in such a way to address the issues patients face.

And one that patients can afford.

You also know that most psychiatric practitioners don’t accept insurance; or only a few exclusive plans - limiting your options for the help you want.

It’s why we participate with most major insurance carriers, and for the few that we don’t, our private pay rates are extremely reasonable.

After all, on top of the worries you’re experiencing, you don’t need to worry about how you’ll pay for the excellent care you’re getting.

Our team encompasses:

All our providers are Board Certified in Psychiatry.

We keep our practice small and family-like, so we have more time with patients, greater collaboration, and a prime work environment.

We love what we do and our patients clearly see it.


Dr. Jacob Wartenberg

Dr. Jacob Wartenberg PharmD., MBA-HSA

Joel Wartenberg

Joel Wartenberg, BSN, MSN, PMHNP-BC

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